eCommerce Outsourcing Services

Running a eCommerce business can be simplified with our eCommerce outsourcing services. Our services can assist you in managing your everyday operations seamlessly enabling you to focus on your strategic business plan. Over the years, Invensis has successfully provided eCommerce support services for numerous online retail businesses across the world.

End-to-end eCommerce services for any business

We provide customized solutions and services for B2C, B2B, C2B and C2C eCommerce businesses.
1. Order Management Services
  • Efficiently orchestrate orders with fulfillment methods
  • Access and manage every channel’s inventory from one central management system
  • Automate time-consuming OMS processes such as order splitting, backorder management, order import, and shipping updates
2. eCommerce Website Management Services
  • Integrate your website with Google Analytics and get access to consolidated data dashboards, and website analytics reports
  • Improve your SEO and discover potential customers and markets
  • Eliminate bugs to improve user experience and include new features and functionalities
  • Perform frequent security checks to discover vulnerabilities and possible threats to your website and your data
  • Create new features and implement other third party integrations on your website.
3. Inventory Management Services
  • Get automated reports to get a bird eye view of your inventory thereby aligning with the customer’s expectations around product availability.
  • Create and manage alerts for products over stocked or under stocked
  • Get logistics and analytics support to understand purchasing trends, seasonal trends, and fluctuating customer demands
4. eCommerce Customer Support Services
  • Get access to our expert team available 24×7 to manage customer requests and queries through calls, emails and live chat
  • Resolve customer complaints instantly
  • Manage returns and refunds efficiently
5. Online Marketing Services
  • Upgrade your SEO and get discovered by consumers
  • Create and post advertisements and promote your business
  • Sell on social media platforms
  • Competitor Research
6. Managing your customers
  • Reach out to dormant customers
  • Get repeat orders
7. eCommerce store management

Optimize your order delivery cycle

We cater to online & offline businesses

In today’s era of globalization, your potential customers are located all across the globe. Hence, when you are thinking of growing your business, you must satisfy customer requirements globally.

Invensis offers 24×7 services for placing, tracking and fulfilling orders, which has become imperative for running businesses successfully.

The entire order process from placing an order to fulfillment requires optimization of business processes from your organization’s perspective.

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